Our Policy

E-Kart hereby undertakes within the period of time due to elapsed from the development of our products until the delivery of them to the customer that;

•         It will ensure the provision of the safety at maximum level for the protection of our establishment, processes, products and services as well as occupational health and safety from all kinds of intentional/unintentional, natural/ unnatural threats and risks and all measures that may be required for this will be taken accordingly;

•          It will effectuate and realize all sorts of works that may be required within the direction of quality standards in order to realize production at the highest quality with low error rates.

It takes the following as a basis in order to ensure the sustainability of all critical process and services in an extraordinary circumstance within the framework of an integrated management system policy;

•          To create daily recovery plans,

•          To provide necessary sources in this respect,

•          To offer added value to the country in the observation of the benefits of all stakeholders,

•          To become a pioneer at its sector by producing products at highest quality,

•          To provide its employees with the permanent development and happiness,

•          To ensure the competitiveness of the products and services so offered at national and international level and take the permanent improvement as a basic matter in consideration of all risks and opportunities as well as internal and external matters in all processes.

Within the direction of such objective of us, we ensure the conformance of the establishment activities to relevant local requirements along with related standards (PCI, GSM SAS, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO14298, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, MC CQM), customer specifications, laws and regulations.

•          We carry out various revisions in the targets and performance indicators, defined periodically and make our work processes be effective and undertake to become a company that renews it perpetually and develops its processes.

•          We provide communication channels and trainings necessary to raise awareness on the quality and customer satisfaction, occupational health & safety, environment, physical security and data safety, adaptation of work sustainability consciousness, to make contribution to the development of our personnel or the personnel of our business partners such as suppliers, customers, and raise their qualifications. Furthermore, we make an assessment of relevant trainings through the exercises so made. The exercises so made by us ensure us to create a reliable reaction against extraordinary circumstances and put the improvement opportunities into practice.

•          We make a risk analysis specific to the occupational health and safety, environment, quality, customer satisfaction, sustainability of work, physical security and data safety and management systems. We find out all risks that may come from any domestic or external source and affect our establishment or stakeholders through joint works with all process owners and evaluate the same in accordance with our risk methodology, and reduce all risks to minimum level.

•          We evaluate the requirements, opinions and creative solution proposals of our employees with relation to the occupational health and safety and support their active participation.

•          We fully satisfy the expectations of our customers with the quality of our products and services.

•          We improve our conformance to the targets on a permanent basis over the processes, determined in a systematical way and provide effective management system and raise the efficiency.

•          We use related quality assurance methods or instruments in the permanent improvement systematically for the prevention of reoccurrence of errors and any defects that may come forth as a consequence of such errors.

•          We request our suppliers to conform to our high quality standards, adopted by us, in order to offer product’s) at high quality.

•          We make realistic source and work planning in order to complete the projects at the required periods of time and values.

•          We are well aware of the fact that the key for success is to satisfy our customers and adopt a customer-oriented approach in all our activities in order to gain their trust and loyalty; and regard the measurement results of the customer satisfaction and all sorts of feedbacks as an opportunity in order to overcome the expectations and requirements, and improve our processes in a permanent manner and target to set up long-term relationships with our customers.

•          We take the reduction of the rate of wastage, effective use of the energy, bringing the wastes at the lowest possible level and support of recycling as a basis for a sustainable environment.

•          We reduce our energy consumption, based on non-renewable sources through the energy efficiency projects, every year; and try to direct our energy requirements to the renewable energy sources.

•          We try to develop the collaboration with our suppliers within the scope of the related management systems on all occasions and evaluate and control the same from the point of view of the environment consciousness.

•          We try to act strictly to meet the value change input requirements through renewable energy sources and our business partners, engaged in power generation, and make contribution to the reduction of carbon emission.

•          We improve our security systems within the direction of occurring requirements and developing technology.

•          It is our priority to conduct collaboration with our employees and employee representative(s) in order to create a reliable working environment for our employees and visitors, and to protect their social status and state of health.

•          We prepare plans in order to coordinate and conduct any rescue activities under extraordinary circumstances and keep the expenses and losses at minimum level.

•          We take the inner and external company communications, and relationship that may be due with media under control under extraordinary circumstances, and inform our partners in a accurate and rapid manner and ensure that the image of the firm suffers no harm.

•          We put alternative solutions in force in accordance with the plans, determined in advance under extraordinary circumstances and ensure the permanence of the service at issue.

This policy is in conformity with the Supply Management Data Safety Policy (Dok. No: PO-GUV-0006), Personal Data Protection Policy (Dok. No: PO-KVK-0001) and Information Technology Policy (Dok. No: PO-TEK-0002) of E-Kart.