About Giesecke + Devrient


An Evolution of a Company

Innovation Upon a Traditional Base

Headquartered in Germany's Munich, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a prominent international technology provider. Incorporated in 1852, G&D is a pioneer and innovative company today active in the global markets of banknote production and processing, smart card solutions for telecommunications and electronic payment, security certificates and identity systems.

International Compliance

Headquartered in Munich of Germany, the G&D group boasts 58 subsidiaries and business partners in 31 countries of the world and employs 11,450 employees. The Group scored a sales volume of 1.83 billion Euros in 2014. Despite presence in distinct countries of the world, G&D has the capability of smoothly getting adapted to the specific aura of those countries.

Reshaping the Future

As a high-tech enterprise, G&D highly prioritizes research and development and invests as high as 119 million Euros in these fields. Co-complimenting and developing aspects of products and services prevent operations from getting deeply impacted by cyclical fluctuations. While developing high-standard products, G&D adopts production methods never sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Security and competence is the key approach of the company. Customer-oriented products, systems and services render G&D a reliable partner for all organizations seeking solutions for complicated issues in the field of security. G&D is the unique business partner trusted by all people around the world in protecting the value of their properties.