About Us


About Us

A crop of the joint vision of Gisecke+Devrient and Eczacıbaşı Holding, E-Kart Elektronik Kart Sistemleri A.Ş. is the unique cutting-edge card development and production centre of Turkey highly specialized in superior security, authorization, affordable data storage and management in e-trade and e-business characterized as the business lifestyles of the modern age.

A) Superior Security

Encryption/Decryption ensures the secure transfer of essentially safe data through any unsafe media. The smart card's capability of executing this procedure at chip level without the need to any other hardware makes it impossible to monitor and/or breach the encryption/decryption operation.

B) Authorization

Authorization implies the decision of what operations a card user can do. Compared to magnetic cards, smart cards offer vital advantages as they are capable of performing on-card authorization/security management, and allow more complicated crypto algorithms (e.g encoded fingerprint).

c) Affordable Data Storage and Management

Smart cards are very flexible, affordable and solid data storages. In particular, the capability that multiple applications on the smart card use same data within an insulated media without any necessity to export the data off the card constitutes one of the most noteworthy advantages of smart cards. E-Kart is the unique cutting-edge card development and production centre of Turkey set up to develop and produce smart card solutions.

As the first Visa/Mastercard-approved "card production and personalization" enterprise of Turkey that has launched its production process in the 2nd half of 2001 at a production base of 5000 sqm, E-Kart has the capacity of producing 50 million credit and/or smart cards on annual basis.


"Security" is a highly prioritized and vital concept addressed in E-Kart production facilities to an extent not comparable to any other organization. Security of the facilities has been set up in observance of mandatory VISA and MasterCard international security certification requirements as well as the standards of the National Ministry of Defence and NATO. Cooperation with prominent international card organizations such as VISA and MasterCard, and manufacturing products for such organizations requires specific criteria that should strictly be complied with in every process, even the construction of the facility. Therefore, all manufacturing processes operated by the facility, conditions for visitor admission, and working methods of security teams are applied in accordance with a special security regulation.