Banking & Finance


Credit Cards

In E-Kart facilities, all chip and magnetic band (HICo/LoCo) credit cards are manufactured and personalized. Depending on the customer demand, we manufacture for banks any form and type of cards available in the market besides the solutions.

Banking Cards

In E-Kart facilities, e-wallet cards as well as all chip and magnetic band ATM (Debit) cards offered by banks are manufactured at high standards and quality.


Finance sector is the locomotive industry of the Turkish market as far as card and card-related projects are concerned. Thanks to big shares of the private sector in the market, high IT investment budgets and high R&D budgets, the sector attaches high priority to the adaptation of all technologies. Majority of statistical facts beyond public projects employed in the assessment of current situation has been generated in the evolution of this sector and sectoral projects. E-Kart has designed and constructed its current production line in consideration of these requirements of the Turkish banking sector.