Recruitment Process

The key purpose of the selection and placement system is to attract to E-Kart and Eczacıbaşı potential employers who are highly educated, open to innovation and change, have entrepreneurial skills, dynamic, have potential to develop himself/herself and the business, train employees, get smoothly involved in teamwork and can adopt the Eczacıbaşı values.


The key principle of selection and placement is to offer equal opportunities, without any discrimination and favouritism, to individuals equipped with the competences required by the job (know-how, skills and attitudes), and who can adopt and survive Eczacıbaşı values


For an objective candidate selection process, scientific selection tools with proven validity and reliability are employed. Proper selection, application and interpretation of the tools is the vital criterion to ensure a standardized recruitment process.


The entirety of our election processes is managed through our Eczacıbaşı Career portal, and candidates willing to apply for vacant positions should create their resumes on the portal.

Please click here to create a resume and apply for a position.


The selection process is structured into 3 phases following the application of candidates. At each phase, candidates undergo a different qualification process in an attempt to pinpoint the most appropriate human resource for the position.


The first phase involves Tests and Inventories. Candidates achieving in these steps undergo the Competence Evaluation process at the second phase. A job offer is then made to the successful candidates, and recruitment procedures are started if the candidate accepts the offer.

Opportunities for Practical Training

Career Test Drive

Career Test Drive is a comprehensive long-term practical training program developed for third-grade undergraduate students and also for first-grade master students of universities. Catching student attention through non-conventional methods, this program offers promising students various opportunities for recruitment. In other words, the program offers a "test drive" to students who are the beginning of their career voyage. Practical trainees called "pilots" in this program work on projects under the supervision of mentors for minimum two months during this training period. Hence, students find the opportunity of getting familiar with the Eczacıbaşı culture, business approach and processes.

For detailed information:


Career Test Drive


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University Third-Grade Summer Training

During April-May and June every year, applications filed via the Eczacıbaşı Career platform are accepted, and qualified candidates are offered with a summer practical training subject to predetermined quotas. For the candidates, the following requirements are sought for eligibility to the practical training:

·         For license study, applicant should be a 3rd-grade undergraduate student,

·         For master study, applicant should be a 1st-grade master student,

·         For the mandatory practical training, the school should arrange for the initial insured recruitment of the prospective trainee,

·         Selection processes should be completed successfully.

Please click here to create a resume and apply for a position.


Mandatory Practical Training for Vocational High School Students

The students which are educating in Ticaret Lisesi (Business High School), Teknik Lise (Technical High School), Endüstri ve Anadolu Meslek Lisesi (Industrial and Anatolian Vocational High School) etc. institutions in Gebze Town, may apply for the “high school trainee announcements”, which are published in “Eczacıbaşı Kariyer (Eczacıbaşı Career)” during July-August-September months every year. Please click now, to establish curriculum vitae (CV) and to make application.