Contribution to Preventing Global Warming:

Kicking off campaigns to minimize the carbon footprint and publicizing them through the motto "We promise" within the context of its efforts for combating global climate change, E-Kart launched its Carbon Footprint campaigns on voluntary basis. In accordance with the ISO 14064 Standard, greenhouse gas output resulting from production operations in 2010 was calculated in 2011.

The campaign was continued also in 2012 and the Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the year 2011 was created. Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Verification Certification was conducted to cover "Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions" (Scope 1) as well as "Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions" and "Other Greenhouse Gas Emissions" (Scope2 and Scope3). E-Kart has set a precedent in Turkey in its market with these certificates awarded to it.

As a result of the campaigns performed during these years, trees were planted in quantities sufficient enough to absorb the greenhouse gas. Hence, we zero our carbon footprint as a part of our social commitment.

Forestation during 2011 and 2012.

By further specializing its greenhouse gas campaigns on enterprise scale, E-Kart has reduced the extent down to the product level.

What is the footprint of a product or service?

The footprint of a product or service is a rating of the greenhouse gases coming off as a part of a product's life cycle.


Such life cycle is linked with each product-related activity and generally comprises the following phases:

Why do I have to calculate the product carbon footprint of my products or services?